Wednesday, November 19, 2008



The term Barbie doll is often misused because people tend to apply it to these types of dolls that are made from various manufacturers. Barbie is a specific doll though that is marketed by Mattel. She costs much more than other dolls you will find on the shelves. Many parents tend to buy the cheaper dolls and their children never care or know the difference. They just love to spend hours and hours playing with these dolls and their accessories.

The original Barbie came out in 1959 and continues to be the most recognized doll in the world. She is also the one that sales the most even with her more expensive tastes. It is that name brand that many children reach for when they are looking in the stores. They will also tell Santa which Barbie style and outfit they want for the holidays, and he can’t disappoint them!

The style of the clothing Barbie wears and here look has continued to evolve over the years. The first Barbie back in 1959 was white with blonde hair. Today you will also find black and Hispanic versions of Barbie out there for other ethnic groups to enjoy. Many of the different Barbie dolls are to show girls that they too can have wonderful careers. Some of the most popular career Barbies include the airline attendant and the veterinarian.

Trends change over time and for the first time in a long time Barbie is struggling to meet expected sales. There are other forms of dolls out there that younger girls are taking an interest in. the Disney show High School Music has singing dolls that compete with Barbie. There is also the Disney Hannah Montana dolls on the market that are huge sellers right now. The Bratz doll collection is also taking over some of the sales that once belonged to Barbie.

Yet there continues to be many collectors of Barbie that are adults. They account for a large portion of the sales. They continue to buy all the new Barbies that come onto the market. They also make sure they get the special holiday edition that is released each December. The cost of a Barbie depends on what you are buying and if it is new or not. Many of the earlier ones are worth thousands of dollars.

Barbie Jeep

Barbie certainly has plenty of great accessories and enjoys a fun lifestyle. One of them that she has is her Jeep. This is a common accessory that young girls want to have. They can load Barbie and her friends in the Jeep and head to the beach, the mall, a dance, or anywhere else their imaginations take them. The Barbie Jeep is one of the top selling accessories and has been for many years.

These Jeeps can hold four people and the doors really open. They have made them safety oriented too with seatbelts for all of the passengers to wear. The steering wheel moves and the wheels turn as you push it along. There are some motorized versions of the Barbie Jeep to play with as well. They operate with a remote control and the radio station plays as well.

For young girls that want the ultimate thrill with a Barbie Jeep though there are some they can operate. They cost about $300 and the hook even opens. Inside is a battery that powers the Jeep. You will see little girls cruising them in the drive way and down the block. Some even drive up to lemonade stands and it really makes them feel like they are just like Barbie.

These types of Barbie Jeeps that girls can really ride in are popular and they often ask their parents for them. You do have to watch children with them though as they can be dangerous. Only two children should be in there at a time with a maximum weight of 130 pounds. Children under three shouldn’t be playing in them because there is too much of a risk that they could fall out.

The one thing that really distinguishes the Barbie Jeep out there is the pink color. Both the play Barbie Jeeps and those that children ride in are pink and white in color. Many have flower designs along the hood as well. This mode of transportation for Barbie and her followers continues to be very popular indeed. For a little girl that loves Barbie having one that her doll can ride in and one she can ride in will keep her very happy.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Bartender School

Bartender School
Tom Cruise makes it look easy in the movie Cocktail but tending bar is an acquired skill. It demands plenty of practice and know how and that's where bartender school comes in. This career is growing in popularity and prestige and the many schools are in a competitive market. Bar work is attractive to many people because of the flexible hours, social contact and the opportunity to earn good money with salary and tips.
The better establishments in the leisure industry can afford to pick the best and it's essential to choose a school with an excellent reputation. A good bartender school will help a student to find a job in addition to teaching the skills required. On hands tuition with the aid of an actual bar is of equal importance to classroom lessons and theory. Bartenders need to look comfortable in their domain and have an easy rapport with their customers.
The student will learn the basics of mixology, a term to describe the mixing of drinks. Cocktails are of course, a part of this knowledge and there will be sessions on cutting fruit, preparing garnishes and decorating various concoctions. There are hundreds of cocktail recipes, including the popular Tequila Sunrise, Screw Driver and Apple Martini. The bartender must be familiar with the different wine, whiskey and liquors available. Wine is an entire subject in itself with lessons on decanting and allowing wine to breathe. Beer drinkers must also be catered for and bartender school will teach how to serve a draft beer and how to tap a keg.
Bar work demands a knowledge of terminology used in the trade and an understanding of what equipment to use and which type of glass to select. Customers may ask for a chaser, a highball or something on the rocks. The bartender will need to know when to use a shooter, beer stein or fluted champagne glass. There are a lot of gadgets behind the bar, including cocktail shakers, corkscrews, ice buckets and electric blenders.
All this knowledge must be combined with the ability to work quickly and to process orders correctly. Bartender school will teach the whole process, from setting up the bar to closing down. Some areas require that bartenders have undergone alcohol awareness study. Bar owners also look for the ability to increase a bar's profits and to maintain good customer service. In conclusion, the bartender school will equip the graduate to prepare for job interviews and to compile an impressive resume.