Thursday, May 14, 2009

Cheap Crazy Vampire Contact Lenses

Crazy vampire contacts come in the form of red color contacts. The red color lenses give your eyes the effect of monster. Apart from the regular contacts by Freshlook brand, there are colored and crazy lenses that come in all shapes and colors that you can’t even think of. Some of the most common and highly acclaimed crazy vampire contact lenses are black out lenses, zombie, spiral cat or werewolf eye contacts. The most popular of all crazy vampire contact lenses are red monster contacts. They cover up your entire eye but they are not opaque which means you can easily see the outside world through them. They are clear in the middle so that you can see through them.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Special Effect Contact Lenses Buy Now

There used to be a time when special effect contact lenses were only meant to be worn by movie and theater artists. Now all and sundry can buy these and add a little pizazz to their parties. The most famous among all the special contact lenses are Halloween contact lenses. Your eyes personify your character in front of the people around you. If your eyes are happy, it means you are happy from inside. If your eyes look satanic, you may look like an evil. No wonder whatever kind of expression you want to portray, the special effect contact lenses can do so. You can turn your eyes angelic, satanic, psychotic look of a serial killer, monster like red eyes, solid colors, all black and toothy. You can even turn your eyes illusionary with the help of these lenses. No wonder whatever shape, color or style you desire to give to your eyes, the special effect contact lenses can do the job for you.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Freaky Eye Contacts

There are novelty contact lenses which require you to have a prescription from your doctor. Even if you don’t have any vision problem, it’s a rule that you should get a prescription from your doctor to purchase novelty lenses. The freaky eye contacts may be a good idea to make your friends scared of you but if you have little children or elderly people at home like your grandparents then you should avoid wearing such lenses. Freaky eye contacts are very popular in teenagers and adults as compare to other types of lenses like exotic contact lenses and crazy contact lenses. Special effect contact lenses can be regarded as freaky eye contacts sometimes because the lenses are made special to suit the occasion of special events. Daring eye contacts contain gold and silver sparkles in them which make the eyes look simply awesome.