Thursday, February 10, 2011

Electric Cigarettes Albany

ACS American Cancer Society has no business saying what their rep said. ACS what about all those Millions and still far from a cure for cancers. They have been as useless ever since and until now their real crusaders in the fight in cancer. Wow, if they care and their partners cared like FDA “Bums” why would they say get some nicotine gum (that’s their cash buddy friends) and why is the FDA banning the electric cigarette… Tyranny.

Tyranny…. THREE WORDS: DO NOT VOTE!!! Albany, politicians, senate or congress they care nothing about anyone’s health — listen to the clips carefully you’ll here the real reason why NYS Governer really wants to impose an unconstional tax on NYS/NYC residents, this isnot only about Indian Nation. Their primary goal is to to back up corrupted FDA and build wealth for drug companies “the gum” and close their absive budgets that nobody every questioned anything. Cigarettes smoke kills but you have the legal right to puff. Ask yourself this doesn’t FDA approved drugs killed before and still aving recalls… Think about that folks. What a bunch of doogy poop or I like to call it poppy cock! Why not NYS Governer “no an elected officer” and “Elected” Mayor Bloomberg do this: – 10/10 Final tax (NYC, NYS or Across The Board) this includes licensed dealers, and online merchants whom buy and sell for a profit online or off-line tobacco products; cartons. – Indian Nations not consumers would pay a 10% tax for generate e- cig sales quarterly – 2% of all …