Monday, June 08, 2009

The Entertainment 1940's

During the time of World War II, theatre was a big form of entertainment for all the Americans. No wonder the things were cheap in that era. The tickets usually cost 28 times lesser than what they cost nowadays. They used to cost 25 cents per ticket. Movies were usually quite long in length. They used to last for about 2 to 6 hours and popcorns were as low as 10 cents. Some of the famous cartoons and films of that time were Fantasia, Dumbo, Bambi. The movies that are still the heart favorite of many of the Americans are Gone with the Wind, Citizen Kane and The Wizard of the Oz. The entertainment of 1940s was no less than that entertainment in the middle ages and entertainment in the 1920s. There was music, festivals, radio, Television, carnivals, holidays and just about everything that could mesmerize the people. Radio used to provide news, music, opera shows, quiz shows, children hour, mystery stories, horror and classic dramas etc.