Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Discount Coupons

When I was growing up, I used to watch my grandmother cut out discount coupons. I have seen many old people do the same thing. They live on a fixed income, and they do not have money to waste. For those of us who are young and upwardly mobile, however, I had never thought that cutting out discount coupons really made sense. Why spend the time looking for discount coupon codes when you could be enjoying yourself? After all, you only save a few dollars here and there, which doesn't really amount to that much. When I tried it out myself, however, I was surprised.
You see, nowadays you can find discount codes for more things than ever before. You used to have to clip your coupons from the circular fliers. Basically, you were at the mercy of what they wanted to offer you. Every week, certain companies would send out coupon discounts, and if you didn't want to buy what they were selling, you were out of luck. Nowadays, however, you can find discount codes on the Internet. A lot of companies will offer you printable coupons online. Although these printable discount coupons will often pretend to be for a limited time, usually they are not. Usually, they will keep the discount coupon offering going for as long as it seems to be getting them business.
The other day, for example, I was shopping for a new printer for my computer. I looked online and, sure enough, I found Circuit City discount coupons. Rather than looking through all of the discount coupons to see if any of them fit my needs, I could type in the product that you wanted and see if they had coupons for it. I have even seen websites that allow you to get up to 20% off just by taking in the discount codes that they give you on the Internet.
Basically, no matter what you are buying, it makes sense to look for discount coupons online before you go to buy it. If you do not have them, it will only be a matter of wasting a few minutes. If, however, they offer discount coupons for that particular product, you may have just saved yourself a little chunk of change. Even if you don't need that little bit of money, think how quickly it will add up with all of the things that you buy.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

60th Birthday Invitations

It is sad when your 60th birthday party comes around. It is even sadder when you have to send out the 60th birthday invitations yourself. It is saddest of all when you have no one to blame. I know that my niece was supposed to send out my 60th birthday party invitations, but when her fianc้'s entire family came into town unexpectedly, there was nothing she could do. She was so busy entertaining them that she didn't even have time to pick out 60th birthday invitation cards. She certainly didn't have time to plan the party. All of my friends were supposed to be throwing this huge gala occasion for me, and yet I was forced to do it myself. This made me very unhappy.
Not only did I have to send out the 60th birthday invitations myself, but I had to come up with the birthday supplies as well. I had to plan out all the 60th birthday party ideas, and to throw the party with almost no help from anyone. My best friend Ruthie was supposed to come over and help, but her hip was bothering her again. Good old Ruthie. You can always tell that there is work to be done when her hip starts bothering her. As for my husband, he was out of town at the time. He would be coming back just in time for the birthday party itself. He had no time to help me with the 60th birthday invitations or any of the other preparations. I was almost entirely on my own.
Once I had sent out the 60th birthday invitations, however, I had some time to relax. Picking out 60th birthday invitations was stressful to me because picking out birthday party invitations is always stressful to me. Once they were mailed, however, there were several weeks to get the party together. I am not one of those last-minute people. I like to take my time, and taking my time means starting well in advance of the event. As soon as I sent out the 60th birthday invitations, I went to work. I ordered cake, bought decorations, and came up with a list of foods for the party. That way, when it was time to actually hold the birthday party, everything would be in order. The 60th birthday invitations promised an outdoor event, so I came up with a plan for what to do if it was raining. I found a place that would rent outdoor tents with very little notice. All in all, things went beautifully!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Braided Rug

My husband and I are friends with a couple that we met through our church. We enjoy their company and through the years we have done many things together. We will get together at each other’s homes to play cards. We also go out to eat and to plays and other events. Each year between Christmas and New Years we take a day off of work and spend time together. Last year we went to a center that had several homes that had been replicated. Each home was from a different country and was decorated for the holidays in the traditions of that country. The houses were spaced several yards apart. There were also old world shops set up to create a small village atmosphere. The homes were life sized and had actors dressed for the time period and country that they were suppose to be representing. You had your choice of walking through the village and having a sleigh ride back to your car, or you could take the sleigh ride to the far end and work your way back. It was a very cold day so we decided to begin walking to the closest house.

The first house was from German decent. The first thing I noticed as we walked in was the beautiful braided rug. I am from German ancestry so I knew that the area rug was an authentic handmade piece. My grandmother always had a colorful braided rug in front of her kitchen sink. She would make them during the winter months. The woman that was dressed in period costume was sitting in front of the fireplace and was sewing the strips of fabric together that would be used to make the area rugs. All kinds of scrap fabrics are cut into strips and are sewn together to form ropes. The ropes are then braided together. Once the ropes are long enough they are wrapped around each other until the desired size is reached. The braided rug is then stitched together so that it will not uncoil. My husband and I have talked about learning these braiding techniques to make our own rugs. The women told us that after the holidays are over the different houses stay opened and they have classes to teach the various old world crafts. She was going to be teaching rug braiding in January.

We continued on our tour of the different houses. Each ethnic group has added a different way of celebrating the holidays. It was very interesting to discover where some traditions have originated. We thoroughly enjoyed our day and my husband and I have promised each other that we will learn how to make a braided rug.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Printer Cleaning Tips

Printer Cleaning Tips

Resons to clean it

Good looking printer, without germs.

Cleaning procedure

1. Turn off your printer

2. On the outside you can clean it with a cloth dampened with water

3. In order to clean the printer inside you have to read the manufacturer's instructions.

4. Turn on your printer

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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Windows Live

There are so many places that you can blog these days. Today lets look at Windows Live , a free blogging and networking platform. With so many options out there you might ask why would I want to use something that is related and owned by Microsoft. That is a great question in my opinion.

The main reason is that this site has a neat networking feature of being able to add friends. While this doesn't sound like much, it can help businesses reach new customers. If you look at this Arlington Heights real estate profile that was just created you will see that at the top there is a section called friends. This list shows the friends of the member and many people will check out this list and read other peoples blogs.

This free exposure can help you build up contacts that you would have never been able to reach on your own. For the little amount of time and effort needed it is worth taking some time to play with this free blogging platform. For more ideas about how to build up your online presence visit WebNewsForUs a site that helps real estate agents generate more exposure online and off.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Criminal Background Searches

The current world we live in, especially the United States, suffers from an overwhelming number of criminal offenders. As time moves on, crime only seems to increase. Unfortunately now days, criminals have more ways of getting at the ones we love. Although this is the case, we can prepare ourselves in new ways. Our computers do allow us into their personal worlds.
With such methods as criminal background searches, we are able to view who did what and where. This way we can be further prepared for potential crime. A variety of search engines such as Abica allow us to research individual backgrounds. For example, if a man moves next door to you and you know his name, you can do a search on him to see if he has prior convictions.
In reality, most of us cringe at the thought of rapists and pedophiles, but we should be wary of them living close by, especially if we have children of our own to protect. We must ensure that the ones we love are kept clear from harm.
By using databases such as, Publicrecords-search.com, we can obtain that vital information before making the mistake of moving next door to a sexual predator. Sites such as these do often charge a fee depending on what you’re searching. For example, a state search may cost you around 15 dollars, while a nationwide search will typically run you more.
When I moved to Ohio about a year ago, my wife and I wanted any information concerning sex offenders in potential neighborhoods we were considering. As it turned out, we found an ideal house to our liking. However, we were informed by our real-estate agent, who had done a criminal background search, that a registered sex offender lived right down the street, in the same neighborhood. Although the house was ideal in size and price, we had to pass, knowing this. Since we can’t watch our kids every single second of the day, we must at least keep them safe from what we do know is out there.
I realize that not everyone has children, and not everyone is concerned with the whereabouts of convicted criminals. These kinds of things don’t seem to take much precedence in our everyday busy lives. On the other hand, a simple criminal background search via your home computer doesn’t take much of an effort. When we truly compare the value of our safety and the safety of our families, that little online search may be well worth the minor trouble.