Thursday, April 29, 2010

UK Travel Inn Lodge

People who stay at these travel Inn lodges, recommend their friends, families with young children, families with teenagers and newly wedded couples to come and stay at these little lodges. There is a very famous Travel Inn in Edinburgh by the name of City Travel Inn, travel Lodge Edinburgh, UK. This beautiful and very well maintained hotel is located to the south of Haymarket which is located in the west of Edinburgh’s business zone. This travel inn lodge of UK has been built near the railway goods.

There are many travel guide articles about travel that have plenty of information about travel inn lodges of London. Ibis and Travelodge are two of the cheapest chains of Travel lodges in London. The lodges are just like four star hotels but it is more likely that you won’t experience the luxurious treatment. Accommodation in the entire UK costs quite a lot. If you want to have a very luxurious trip, then you can book a package from travel agencies that specialize in luxury travel. Instead of Inns or lodges, you will get to stay in five star hotels, roam around in the city in limousines, and get the most authentic food of UK.