Thursday, July 09, 2009

Internet Dial Up Connection

A 5 minute guide on how to dial your computer to access internet
Here’s our guide on how to dial your computer to access internet. Follow these simple steps and get the websites rolling on your monitor screen:

5. Enter your connection name (e.g. My Connection) and click next.
6. Enter your ISP’s phone number and click next.

7. The window will show final settings. Click Finish. And go to ‘My Network Connections’ again.

8. Go to ‘view Network Connections’ and click on your connection. Enter user name and password if required and click on Dial.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Does Al Gore Invented The Internet

To interconnect different networks with each other TCP/IP protocol has been used to hide the differences between the interconnected networks. TCP/IP protocol is the backbone of the internet and this protocol design was presented by Vinton Cerf in 1970s. So, for the invention of internet these two names are worth mentioning. Al Gore and his contribution towards the development of Information Technology

Prominent Cases On Internet Freedom Of Speech

These are some the many stories in which individuals have been punished for expressing their personal opinion. Commenting on other people’s belief, religions, ideology, and pornography are totally unacceptable on internet but trying to stop your own country’s people about expressing their opinion but your policies is abuse of power. It’s dictatorship and is against the very basic principles of democracy, and it should be not tolerated in any case because you cannot stop people from saying what is right as Bob Dylan says:

‘ Don’t ask me nothin’ about nothin’
I just might tell you the truth’
Bob Dylan, ‘Outlaw Blues’, 1965.

Best Computer For Business Men

We truly recognize that you are busy person so we have just highlighted some features you would love to see in your best business computers. Plus: Some best computers for business men.

What makes your computer best business computer?

Screen Size and Resolution
If you have to hook your business computers with presentation equipment like projectors, you would need a high resolution monitor screen. Any monitor with 1766x768 pixels of resolution would work fine. If you are buying a laptop then you may go for a wider screen but do keep in mind that laptops with screen larger than 16 inches would not fit in usual shoulder bags.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Buy Luxury Men Business Shirt

The perfect business look is never complete without a perfect shirt and we know how to handle this business so we are here with an ultimate guide on how to buy a shirt for the true corporate look.

The Collar Rules:
While you are going to buy a business shirt don’t stick yourself to one type only. A dozen shirts with similar collar and cuff but different hues will not make a perfect wardrobe at all. Discover and Try on new styles so and anchor an altogether different look each day.