Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Penguins of Madagascar: Dr. Blowhole Returns Again Kinect Game Review

Product Features
Platform: Xbox 360
  • Brand New, Original Story. Dr. Blowhole, the diabolical dolphin, is back with his lobster minions and a new plan for world domination and it’s up to Team Penguin to stop him from his wave of destruction
  • Strategic, Fast-paced Action. Solve perilous puzzles, build crazy contraptions, nimbly navigate hazards and rescue Marlene, Mort, and the rest of the zoo crew in your mission to save the world
  • Penguin Power: Utilize each penguin’s unique abilities to overcome obstacles and solve puzzles. Use Skipper to assemble the team, Rico to regurgitate explosives, Kowalski to build devices and Private to squeeze through tight spaces
  • Mini-games: Play through a multitude of wacky mini-games, including Ninja Knock-Down, Mort Bowling and even a dance-off with everyone’s favorite lemur, King Julien

Penguins of Madagascar: Dr. Blowhole Returns Again has you do different types of motions but it’s all pretty basic such as leaning, jumping, posing, balancing, etc. This was released last September 13, 2011 with ★★★★☆  on customers review. It’s really made for young kids. Get this fun game for only $20.22 & eligible for FREE Super Saver Shipping on orders over $25.

Adrenalin Misfits Kinect Game Review

Experience Konami’s first ever Microsoft Natal title with full body motion controls! Adrenalin Misfits thrusts gamers into 7 unbelievable fantasy worlds with exciting boarding battles in amazing environments. Compete in cross boarding action through freestyle, time and collection challenges against boss characters each with unique abilities. Battle Boss’ from around the world growing your abilities and gaining more impressive boards each with their own special features. Win a race, steal that boss’ board and do battle to collect all 60. Natal controls mean anyone can play because your body is the controller. The Natal camera reads your body’s natural motions converting them into character actions on screen.

Product Features
  • Full body motion controls mean anyone can compete and play in single player mode or two player battles
  • Race through 7 unique fantasy worlds including the snowy mountain, stormy desert, glacier lands, limestone caves, volcanoes and more
  • Compete, win and become one of 7 monsters you just defeated or play as an original avatar or XBOX 360 avatar
  • Win tournaments and acquire as many as 60 cross boards each with special abilities
  • Track rankings, time and scores with anyone in the World via live leader boards
  • Online Features: Achievements, Content Download, Leaderboards, Xbox LIVE Family Settings
  • Kinect Features: In-Game Avatar, Players 1-2

Kinect works very well with this. This game is the 2nd Konami title. In this game you have to go through few trainings to get a feel for the controls. It is indeed a fun game and It’s not just a race, it’s a battle!

Saturday, October 06, 2012

Preorder Grand Theft Auto V Xbox Game

Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) is an upcoming open world action-adventure video game being developed by games developer Rockstar North in the UK and published by Rockstar Games. This will be the major title in the Grand Theft Auto series. Grand Theft Auto V is to be set in fictional Los Santos in the state of San Andreas and its surrounding areas, based on modern-day Los Angeles and Southern California. A rendition of Los Santos was previously featured as one of three cities in 2004′s Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, from the series’s third era.

Grand Theft Auto V Xbox Game will feature “Crews”. The new Social Club functionality connect play across multiple titles, starting with Max Payne 3 and GTA V. “Crews” will let players form private crews with friends, or join public crews. Players can be a member of up to five at the same time, and completing tasks as a crew will gain XP points for the player.

Games in the Grand Theft Auto series can be grouped into distinct “eras”, within which they share the same fictional universe and have interconnected plots and characters. You can get this for $59.96 & this item ships for FREE with Super Saver Shipping.

Pre-order Fable: The Journey Xbox Kinect Game

You are the controller and the hero. Powered exclusively by Kinect for Xbox 360, “Fable: The Journey” is a whole new way to experience the deep storyline, heart-pounding action and picturesque world of Albion that fans have come to know and love about the “Fable” franchise. This game will be released this coming October 9, 2012. Pre-order price is $49.99 & this item ships for FREE with Super Saver Shipping.

Fable: The Journey Xbox Kinect Game is a first-person game that has players use Kinect to manipulate magic in order to defeat enemies. By using their hands to perform certain gestures, players can enter a spell crafting mode, which allows to draw items with their hands and then use them as spells. This enables players to create shields, spears and hammers in order to defeat enemies. Players can also create fishing rods and telescopes, which can then be used in minigames. As enemies are defeated, life force is collected, which can be used to unlock new spells. Life force is similar to the experience system of previous Fable titles.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Fireworks For Sale Sydney

How To Photograph Firewoks Displays – Photography Techniques

How to Photograph Firewoks Displays? These are most questions that i had received from readers and most had a feeling that its really hard to capture. I could understand that as capturing a fireworks display always involve the elements of both darkness and brightness. The darkness of the sky or the surroundings and the brightness of the fireworks or sometimes the foreground.


Planning is the most important when photograhing Fireworks Displays and this is what most people tend to ignore. Always get to the location early. Be sure of where the fireworks are being setup and what part of the sky will it be lighting up. Try asking the organisors if possible of what they are planning. Look around the location and take note of the lightings and surroundings.

Framing and Focusing

Where to aim your camera? This is one of the most difficult part in photographing fireworks dislays. You normally need to aim your camera before the fireworks goes off. I normally spend most of my time looking in the sky rather then looking at my view finder so that i could see whats happening around me and also anticipate the moment or the right time to shot.

Always manually focus your camera or put it on infinity. Its quite impossible to use auto focus mode in low light and you may end up missing a lot of shots. So set your focusing in advanced and fix your focal lengths but remember to adjust your focusing if you happen to change your focal lengths. Read more about wholesale fireworks for sale.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Best Seo Tools Cant Compare to Senuke x

Browser's internet search engine wars, Legend programmer cracks

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The best way to run into a great search phrase, use Seonukex

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Monday, April 16, 2012

Link Building With Tools Like SEnuke X

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