Wednesday, June 20, 2007

60th Birthday Invitations

It is sad when your 60th birthday party comes around. It is even sadder when you have to send out the 60th birthday invitations yourself. It is saddest of all when you have no one to blame. I know that my niece was supposed to send out my 60th birthday party invitations, but when her fianc้'s entire family came into town unexpectedly, there was nothing she could do. She was so busy entertaining them that she didn't even have time to pick out 60th birthday invitation cards. She certainly didn't have time to plan the party. All of my friends were supposed to be throwing this huge gala occasion for me, and yet I was forced to do it myself. This made me very unhappy.
Not only did I have to send out the 60th birthday invitations myself, but I had to come up with the birthday supplies as well. I had to plan out all the 60th birthday party ideas, and to throw the party with almost no help from anyone. My best friend Ruthie was supposed to come over and help, but her hip was bothering her again. Good old Ruthie. You can always tell that there is work to be done when her hip starts bothering her. As for my husband, he was out of town at the time. He would be coming back just in time for the birthday party itself. He had no time to help me with the 60th birthday invitations or any of the other preparations. I was almost entirely on my own.
Once I had sent out the 60th birthday invitations, however, I had some time to relax. Picking out 60th birthday invitations was stressful to me because picking out birthday party invitations is always stressful to me. Once they were mailed, however, there were several weeks to get the party together. I am not one of those last-minute people. I like to take my time, and taking my time means starting well in advance of the event. As soon as I sent out the 60th birthday invitations, I went to work. I ordered cake, bought decorations, and came up with a list of foods for the party. That way, when it was time to actually hold the birthday party, everything would be in order. The 60th birthday invitations promised an outdoor event, so I came up with a plan for what to do if it was raining. I found a place that would rent outdoor tents with very little notice. All in all, things went beautifully!