Saturday, July 04, 2009

Health Related Fitness Article

Let us talk about these components one by one.

Cardiovascular endurance is referred as aerobic fitness. Athletes emphasize greatly on this component as they require a lot of energy and courage to perform some physical stunts. They are entirely dependent upon circulatory and respiratory system over a longer period of time. You must have seen a lot of athletes from all over the world in the Olympic Games. They spend a lot of energy in preparing for the games like cycling, swimming, running, long jump, walking, hurdle races, etc. Health articles and nutrition articles determine the diets and exercises that are necessary for health related fitness.

Muscular strength: Muscular strength is necessary to resist any applied force on the body. This strength can be measured by the highest weight that a person can lift with comfort. Usually this health related fitness component is measured in weight lifters. This component can also be measured by any heavy quantity that a person can push or pull.

Flexibility: It is the measure of the flexibility in the joints of person. This is very necessary in people who have adapted gymnastics as a profession. You must have seen that their bodies are so flexible that they can mold themselves in any form very easily.

Muscular Endurance: It differs from Muscular strength in terms of the repetitions of a practice. It is measured by the continuity of muscle practice. For example if you ask an athlete to perform push-ups or press ups then the counting would determine his Muscle endurance.

Body composition: Body composition depends upon the body fat a person has on his body.